The best deal is the one that closes.

There’s nothing worse than being hung up in the financing process, losing money already tied up in your project, and getting lost on the way to getting the deal closed. The reality is, it’s not hard to find money. The challenge is closing the deal.

That’s where we come in. We understand deals. We understand the industry. We understand trends and, most importantly, we understand the crucial importance of getting quick results. Using our experience, we have developed a unique, efficient, systematic style that will close your deal.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Analysis. We immediately identify lenders we know will be interested. We go through all of the issues that may come up and suggest solutions so they can be resolved in the time necessary to close your transaction.
    Exclusivity. You might not like it, but the lenders do. It’s a short-term contract, it could be for as little as ten days, that encourages lenders to make real-world offers on your project.
  2. Project Overview. We prepare a brief report on your project. Lenders are busy. They don’t have time to read 60-page marketing reports. They just want to see the facts. We want to spark their interest.
  3. Quick Responses. We know who is likely to finance your project from the outset and we have strong working relationships with them. We don’t shop your deal around. We simply take it to the decision-makers at carefully selected companies and get upfront responses.
  4. Working Together. With the lender in place, we live with your deal until it closes. We stay completely involved with the negotiations that take place during the process. We are your advisors, helping you overcome objections and meet the funding requirements so you close the deal as quickly as possible.