It doesn’t matter what you did;
it only matters what you do.

At HFS we’re pleased to have been involved in many prestigious projects, but we firmly believe that looking at past transactions should be nothing more than a reflection of what we might be able to accomplish for you. Each deal is unique, every transaction distinctive, and we treat them as such.

Our approach to funding is much different than other companies. We don’t do mass shopping of your proposal. We identify up front who is most likely to fund your project and why.

We then take your project to those capital sources for an immediate response. Once the lender is secured we stay involved with the project until the closing.

We have a reputation with the capital providers for having the skills to meet the requirements of the deal. When we come across challenges, we brainstorm with our highly-experienced team of financing professionals to find strategic solutions. We have a calm, direct, solutions-oriented approach that offers nuanced, well-thought-out alternatives, which will ensure your deal is closed in the most efficient and expedient manner possible.

Forty years and $50 billion In closings will help you achieve your financial success.